Interstellar DNA Transport

Spreading seeds, knoledge and our culture from Earth to the stars

Interstellar DNA Transport

The search for extraterrestrial life has been ongoing for years.The ultimate goal of this project is to collect DNA samples from willing participants and deploy them into space with a course set for habitable zones in the galaxy in the hopes that extraterrestrial life will collect them. Along with DNA samples, digital recordings of any messages the participants may want to give to the extraterrestrial life will also be part of the scientific payload. NASA recently abandoned a project that was geared towards finding extraterrestrial life but Fifth Labs is most certainly still interested. The scientific payload will not only contain DNA samples and digital files but also sensor and tracking software so we will know when the package has been received. Please refer to Wikipedia's Extraterrestrial Life page for further reading on the real possibility of sentient beings on other planets.


Primary Payload

  • DNA from our planet
  • Digital Imagery, Sounds and Video from the people of Earth

Secondary Payload

  • Deep Space Measurements
  • Cameras and/or miniature telescopes for imagery of planetary flyby's and far field star constellations.
  • First use of Exotic propulsion 
  • Store the spacecraft’s trip through the stars and replay upon retrieval
  •  Task Camera to take pictures for public use (Allow people to request for an image to be taken)

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