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My Window of Opportunity is a new type of crowdfunding company that is looking to change the dynamic of how you receive funding for your projects and needs. We are not looking to skim from the top of your hard earned campaign money. Instead we will charge a flat fee of $1 a day to host your campaign or, if you choose, you can collect 30 endorsements of your campaign before you begin and we will give you a free month to post your campaign. 

As of right now we are still under construction and would like to invite the first 100 campaigners to contact us with your campaign ideas to post free of charge.  Yes that also means no endorsements are necessary.  We will construct a campaign side by side with your help and when My Window of Opportunity goes live yours will be the first to take advantage of our new site.

Here is the official offer letter from our founder:

Fifth Laboratories

April 1, 2016

Initial Public Release on April 14, 2016

Re:       Invitation to begin building your free campaign for posting to:

Dear Clients:

Please accept our invitation to begin building your Crowdfunding campaign for:

Our support team will provide free assistance in building your campaign to the first 100 qualifying campaigns.    

Please email your project, idea with campaign outline to: Only those selected to be in the first 100 will have access to the website during this launch phase.




Coming Soon! A Crowdfunding site that offers a campaign free from typical site charges.

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