Deep Space DNA Transport

Spreading seeds, knoledge and our culture from Earth to the stars

Would you like your DNA preserved from a catastrophic event? How about having your DNA available for future civilizations?


A gold record was placed on the Voyager spacecraft it was in hopes that an alien race would find it one day and know more about our world, civilization and how to find us. The goal of the Deep Space DNA Transport mission is not much different, although we would like to take the next step.

Instead of just sending a recording and some drawings into deep space, Fifth Labs would like to send the DNA from our planet, personal videos, and information.

Stage 1 has begun!... We are currently designing the spacecraft to hold up to 500,000 individual DNA specimens and 10TB of data.  We'll keep you posted and hope to have some pictures soon.  Thanks for your interest.


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Primary Payload

  • DNA from our planet
  • Digital Imagery, Sounds and Video from the people of Earth

Secondary Payload

  • Deep Space Measurements
  • Cameras and/or miniature telescopes for imagery of planetary flyby's and far field star constellations.
  • Use of Exotic propulsion 
  • Store the spacecraft’s trip through the stars and replay upon retrieval
  •  Task Camera to take pictures for public use (Allow people to request for an image to be taken)