Here is a list of our current projects.

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The only useless idea is one that remains unexplored. ~Adam J Fifth

My Window of Opportunity

A Better Crowdfunding Experience

A new crowdfunding platform. We only charge for services we provide. …
August 10, 2015


Generating power from the Casimir Effect

Fifth Labs is at the forefront of future technology for private, commercial, and space exploration applications with this project. The phenomenon known as the Casimir effect has been studied for years, yet the actual cause of the effect is still under debate. The Casimir effect happens when two objects are put sufficiently close together and without any external forces (ie. unlike a magnet to a fridge or statically attracted like a balloon to your head) are drawn together. This project is to determine what interactions are causing this attraction and how to manipulate it for technological gain, like a power source. For further reading go here: Casimir effect (Wikipedia).…
January 01, 2015

Deep Space DNA Transport

Spreading seeds, knoledge and our culture from Earth to the stars

Would you like your DNA preserved from a catastrophic event? How about having your DNA available for future civilizations to use, or even available for an alien civilization? When we put a gold record on the Voyager spacecraft it was in hopes that an alien race would find it one day and know more about our world and basically say "Hello". The goal of the Deep Space DNA Transport mission is not much different, although we would also like to take the next step. Instead of just sending a recording and some drawings into deep space, Fifth Labs would like to send the DNA from our planet, personal videos, images and information. The data will be sent on a digital medium to allow the maximum amount of information and make sure we can store as much information as our customers want.…
March 01, 2015