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Visionii2Fifth Labs is a Research and Development (R&D) company tasked with advancing new innovative products and discoveries that seek to push the next generation of consumer products and scientific discoveries.  We are interested in all aspects of consumer products, medical apparatus, engineering, and scientific and mathematical discoveries. 


We work on a wide range of projects with great potential for human advancement and technological discovery.  We seek inventors, investors and entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the future in a way that fits their desires and abilities.  Fifth Labs principle goal is to help get inventions, discoveries, and new technologies off the ground.  We do this by providing calculations, performing experimentation, building prototypes, and manufacturing. 

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Innovative Research & Development Projects

Providing cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions for military services, other federal agencies, and the commercial marketplace.

“At Fifth Labs, we focus on precision manufacturing that requires the highest level of quality.”
—James Fifth

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